Horizontal Directional Drilling

Safety Efficiency And Quality

Horizontal Directional drilling is used to install a variety of underground utilities such as these:

Water / Sewer
Sewer & gas lines
Conduit or cable for power & telecom
Oil & gas pipelines

Using a directional drill has minimal impact on the surrounding areas and is a viable option when trenching or excavating is not practical. It is a cleaner, faster and often, less expensive method. We can successfully drill in a multiplicity of soil types and conditions. Directional Drilling is not only the best, but sometimes the only option for drilling in an environmentally sensitive area, under roads, waterways, or a developed landscape.

We operate a wide variety of directional drills to complete any size job. Our HDD fleet consists of:

36 x 50
24 x 40
40 x 20
30 x 20
100 x 140

We provide various dump locations to ensure waste materials are disposed of in a way that is safe for the environment. We have a dump pit for clean and contaminated hydrovac slurry to help give our customers better rates for their disposal needs.

Canadian Hydrovac
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