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Abalone Construction

I have had my crew on the Air Products job in Fort Saskatchewan since August 2014. We have used Canadian Hydrovac since we arrived on site for all our hydrovac needs.

Operators Pat Benoit and Tim Gallant have been the crew supplied to us for a majority of the project. I would like to express that these 2 gentlemen have provided excellent service and always arrived on site ready to go and completed all required tasks safely and efficiently. Dispatchers Danielle McDonald and Jullie French have been excellent to deal with as well, providing great service-sometimes with minimal notice.

All the dealings with Canadian Hydrovac on this project have been positive. Please pass on the recognition to the mentioned above. Moving forward all projects I’m associated with will have Canadian Hydrovac as there number 1 choice for Hydrovac provider.

Robert Morgan – Superintendent, Abalone Construction

Access Pipeline

During my walk-through and visual inspection this morning I noticed full compliance of all work practices and PPE requirements of one of the contractor crews. The contractor, Canadian Hydrovac Services, who was subcontracting with JVC Contractors, had four employees working on the excavation near the east Meter Bank. All employees were wearing their safety glasses, face shields, wet suits, fall arrest harness and lanyards as well as their hearing protection. All required signage was in place.

One of the workers had to enter the edge of the excavation to retrieve a hose that was stuck on a rock. In addition to the worker wearing a tag line, the crew had spotters for this very short but potentially hazardous task. From a safety professional perspective, this type of behavior and safe work practice adds a higher level of comfort that the job will be completed safely.

Roger Brown CRSP – Project Safety Advisor, Access Pipeline

Health, Safety & Environment

Just a quick note to express our thanks for sending a very professional crew to our site! I never get into their work areas without being asked to sign on their FLHA cards & review the crew hazard sign in sheet. Also, I think your company’s overall attitude is very strongly safety based. This is the safety culture Big Country likes having on all of their sites.

Rob Urquhart – HSE Advisor

GSC Energy Services Ltd.

I mentioned to some of the employees of Canadian Hydrovac how impressed I am with Canadian Hydrovac, how they all keep their trucks so clean. They are one of our (GCS) subcontractors and the subs who keep the cleanest vehicles on the entire site of ETE. It shows their professionalism. We have usually the same staff with us most of the time and I must say they follow all the rules and more.

Lorna Vanderlee – GCS Energy Services Ltd.

TGH Safety

So we have been on the Edmonton Digs project for around 8 weeks now; working with Canadian Hydrovac has been an absolute pleasure. They have had no problems with adopting Imperial Oils procedures and policies and have done an outstanding job with their paperwork in the morning as well as working in the field; workers identifying hazard ID’s and controlling them. Very good show. I have done several observations on the contractor and we both shared a lot of learning.

We are wrapping up for the year this next week and look forward to our next dig project in the New Year, definitely will recommend this contractor for further work. Keep safe through the holidays, guys!

Jeff Ens – TGH Safety

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